Simulator, specifications

FAA approved simulator in Paris, France, specifications

It is pleasant to fly, well equipped simulator, the behavior of which is very similar to your airplane.

High quality and full equipped hardware

  • Smooth and precise flight control, pleasant to fly. Forget all your previous experiences!;
  • The instruments and especially the attitude indicator have a very smooth movement, not pixel by pixel;
  • Elevator trim, ailerons trim and rudder trim;
  • Full panel with all switches: magnetos, pumps, park brake, lights (att, taxi, strobe, nav), flaps, cool flaps, retractable gear, pitot heat, fuel tank selector, avionic master, de-incing, carburator heat, alternate air, transponder…

Full radio-navigation equipment

  • COM, VOR, ILS, DME, ADF (with morse identification);
  • GPS GARMIN 430XP WAAS linked to HSI (OBS fonction);
  • RMI, HSI;
  • Radio-altimeter with alt-warning;
  • Auto-pilot and flight director…

GPS-RNAV system

  • Garmin 430 WAAS software with all functions (SID, STAR, APP, LNAV and LPV approaches, terrain warning…);
  • Up to date database;
  • World wide airport database;
  • Check the accuracy of the simulator here.

Many different single- and multi-engine aircraft

  • BEECHCRAFT SEP : A-36/A-36TC Bonanza
  • BEECHCRAFT MEP : B-58/B-58TC Baron — B-76 Duchess — E-95 Travel Air ;
  • CESSNA SEP : C-152 — C-172/C-172R/C-172S Skyhawk — C-182/C-182RG Skyline — C-206H Stationair
  • CESSNA MEP : C-414A Chancellor — C-421 Golden Eagle ;
  • DIAMOND SEP : DA-20 ;
  • MOONEY SEP : M20J 201 — M20K 231 ;
  • PIPER SEP : PA-28-161 Warrior II — PA-28R201 Arrow III — PA-28RT201 Arrow III TC
  • PIPER MEP : PA-44-180 Seminole — PA-44-180T Seminole TC — PA-34-220T Seneca V

Dynamic environment

  • Fault simulation system (each switch, annunciator or system can fail, depending on the parameter choosen: reaching a given speed or altitude, after a period of time, randomly, immediately, etc. etc.,; it could affect the electric system, pneumatic system, vaccum pump, engine, avionics, radio-navigation receivers. Even the bird hazard is available!);
  • The weather is fully adjustable, visibility, ceiling, from blue sky to CAT IIIC, clouds adjustable even by layers;
  • Wind, turbulences, by layer too, wind shears are available. The wind change on finale (due to friction force) is one of the parameters;
  • Real time weather available (online download);
  • All seasons, all hours, wind, snow, icing are some of the other use-selected settings;
  • The position of the sun, the moon, the constellations are correct, depending on date et time choosen.
    Nice sunsets exist, weather permitting… Unfortunately, bad weather is better for training!